About TECA

Established in 2011, TECA Group Pty Ltd (TECA) trading as
TECA Engineers and Project Managers is an electrical
engineering and associated services provider We aim to provide
dedicated and complete project delivery solutions.
Our core focus is mine infrastructure solutions, underground
mining system solutions, heavy industry  and
construction/telecomunications installation/management
TECA is also committed to providing our clients with energy
efficiency solutions by utilising the lastest technology
ensuring ongoing sustainability.
We also provide customised control and management
systems including safety check point and asset tracking
systems to provide efficiencies to the overall business efficiency.

TECA is experienced in small or large scale solutions,
project engineering and project management. We offer
our clients the full package.
In addition to the above TECA provides a broad range of
business management and administaton services including
project administration, project co-ordination and service or
maintenance management and administration.
TECA operates efficiently in accordance with set plans,
policies, and work health and safety procedures to
Australian standards.


Our Vision


We will always put the TECA team and company values

before profit to ensure we deliver exceptional value for

money, quality, customer service, and project satisfaction

for all our customers.


Our Customers


The TECA core values ensuring

commitment to our clients include:


  • Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Dedication

  • Accountability

  • Passion

  • Excellence

  • Success


We are focused on understanding and delivering the

requirements of our clients through our core values.

We have developed in house systems to enhance

our operations, our commitment to excellence, to the

public, employees and safety systems.


Our ability and employee dedication enables us to

deliver success even in difficult circumstances, thus

providing us with the confidence and capability to

manage projects of all sizes and complexities.


TECA is committed to building and maintaining long

term relationships with our customers.

We intend to be flexible and accommodating to keep

in touch with the various requirements and specific

needs of our customers.

As you change we will change with you.



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